Food Trucks at Football Games Will Bring School Spirit


Aniah Jones, Staff Writer

Football games are full of cheerful crowds. Friday night football is even more fun if you have some good food to enjoy while watching. This being said, food trucks would help to bring more people to the stands. 

It gives the audience more options to choose from than just the concession stand. The enthusiasm that students bring have brought food trucks to the spotlight and this enthusiasm makes food trucks have the perfect service. 

When the stands are packed, that means a lot to the football players and cheerleaders. To help bring this idea together, the school will need the administrators’ help. The first step to take would be to make a proposal and set up a meeting. Giving the administrators good points and reasonable suggestions might convince them to take action. 

This past school year there have not been many options of foods or snacks because of COVID. When I went to the first home football game, the concession stands were closed. The servers were only selling hot dogs and water by walking around. Eavesdropping on other student’s conversations,and they were disappointed by that. I was disappointed too, but with the hope of bringing food trucks that could change. 

Letting this idea go will be hard for students because it is something that they really would like to have. “I think food trucks will be good to bring to the football games because it will bring more people out and we can finally have good food while being at school,” says senior student Mariah Merrideth. We still have time to get this idea together, even if it continues to bring other food places out and have them serve at basketball games. “Students need to go about it the right way and not wish for it to happen so quickly,” says football coach Terrell Alexander

How long before food trucks will be at games? Why were food trucks and different restaurants taken from the games in the first place? Why do administrators seem to be reluctant towards this idea? 

Having this idea executed out can take a couple years at most. But with the persistence from students and even teachers, that would help the urgency. COVID took away a large number of the things that were enjoyable to the student community. With it dialing down now and moving on, there are opportunities for newer things again. Cost of certain things do play a big role in it, but fundraisers could help with that. 

As a senior, and this being my last year I want to contribute to make things change for the underclassmen. And this is just the beginning.