New Changes to H-F


Lailah Taylor

Copy of H-F’s new color coded pass system hung up in North’s 3rd floor hallway.

Lailah Taylor and Liana Walker

A stricter dress code, increased security, and procedures of rule enforcement have all impacted the 2022-2023 school year at H-F.

Throughout the two school years that were affected by COVID-19, the dress code was enforced with some leniency. But, as school gets back into the habits it had pre-COVID; the enforcement of dress code procedures has returned to campus.

Students have noticed an increase in warnings and write ups given out due to dress code violations, compared to last year. 

This year’s dress code has some differences from last year’s as well.

As stated in the 2021-22 handbook, “Pants with holes located in areas which could cause them to be inappropriate ”are not allowed”.

This year has a higher level of specificity to it and also a degree of tolerance that students may not be aware of.

“Ripped jeans as long as undergarments and buttocks are not exposed“ are allowed according to the 2022-2023 handbook.

Some students believe that the dress code is stricter than their previous one, but newly commissioned H-F principal Clinton Alexander has a different opinion.

“When developing this year’s dress code, the administration asked the opinion of students and parents and decided to compromise with them. Administration also wanted to develop a more gender neutral and open-minded dress code compared to last year,” said Alexander.

Although this was true last year, this school year has witnessed more H-F staff presence in the hallway and an influx of new security cameras in the 2022-23 school year.

According to Alexander, the heavy H-F staff presence is there “ to ensure the safety of our students”

H-F security guard Tyrone Brazelton acknowledges the new security cameras and heavy staff presence .

“I have noticed an increase in security cameras and the new security guards; who I believe were hired to fill staff”, said Brazelton.

Ramon Davis, another H-F security guard, maintains the idea that H-F has retained its procedures and rules since he has worked there.

 “I believe that H-F has always been strict and enforced rules, but it was a bit more relaxed over the past 2 years because of the pandemic”, said Davis.

With the introduction of a new administration, staff has begun to crack down on who is allowed in the hallways during class time.

Throughout the 2021-22 school year students were expected to have a hallway pass, when out of class, but this rule was not always enforced.

This school year has witnessed a drastic change. Hallway passes are color coded now by each building and department.

Alexander stresses the reason for this change is for school safety and for students to learn pass responsibility.

Lastly, the bell schedule is another change introduced to H-F.

Students have had to adjust to the changes in this year’s schedule since last year’s schedule had already been modified due to COVID.

“The schedule for this year has proven to be effective for academic success”, said Alexander.

The allotted time for lunch has been reduced, which has raised concerns amongst the students, but Alexander has assured students he is looking into it and open to student suggestions.

Despite these changes, Alexander and the school’s administration deems them necessary for the school’s optimal success.

  “I do not foresee implementing anything new; one of my main goals for school wide safety and enjoyment at school,” emphasized Alexander.