Carl Azuz: the voices of news for GenZ

Carl Azuz

Gen Z, I am here to report some devastating news. After being the face of CNN10 for over 14 years, our beloved Carl Azuz announced on Sept. 12 that he would no longer be a part of the program, due to a “personal decision”.

Azuz is an American journalist and has gained massive attention for being the backbone of CNN10, this was a time when middle scholars could watch a 10-minute educational but fun-to-watch video with Azuz. Azuz has covered many situations going on in the world, such as the fighting in the Middle East, the world’s most expensive sundaes and pretty much any other event you can think of.

Not only has it affected me, but also many students have been devastated by his disappearance, even some people believe that Azuz actually died. Students felt connected to Azuz, who has since been replaced by Coy Wire.

Freshman Daniella Nava said, “I’m upset about it because I feel like his originality was taken by this new guy, and it’s taking some of his personality and replacing Carl with the new guy.“

From my personal experience, I think Carl was very good at explaining stuff and making things more fun for kids. I think he’s a really good influence on getting kids to learn about more serious topics and studying them.

I feel like since Azuz left the CNN10 team, it hasn’t felt the same ever since. I remember watching CNN10 in 6th grade and loved answering those 10-second surveys he put out, and other students would yell out the answers and get really upset if their answer was wrong. This proves that Azuz was really important in our middle school lives, He really got us worked up on those educational questions. One of my favorite episodes from Azuz was Blue Moon Rising On Halloween 2020. I love watching/looking at moon phases and Halloween, so it’s a win-win. Give it a try.

I still go back and re-watch his videos, just for the sake of the nostalgic feeling it gives me back in 6-8th grade. Watching his old videos from when I was a little bit younger makes me feel good about himself, and it sorta shows how much he has changed throughout the years.

Another thing is that others didn’t really care about Azuz until he left the program. I’m talking about people that didn’t really like watching CNN10, but all of a sudden, they’re making edits of him and are posting stuff as if they missed him on the program. 

All of that aside, Azuz was and still is cared for throughout every school district across the country. Even adults watched CNN10 unironically and were upset by his retirement. We hope students feel the same way that they felt about Azuz to Wire.