H-F’s New Head Varsity Basketball Coach


Even though the basketball season didn’t start yet, the basketball team has a lot of good connections with the new head coach. Starting off the 2022-23 basketball season H-F hired Jamere Dismukes as the new head coach.

Dismukes expressed how it feels to be the coach. “It’s an enormous accomplishment,” he said. I know that the students and staff are unfamiliar with me but I’m sure they see the product of the basketball program.”

Conditioning has been going great for the basketball team “We got a ton of strength work with our H-F strength coach Adam Vogel,” said Dismukes.  He feels very confident which is a good sign. “I expect to put a team on the floor every night that’s going to compete at a high level,” said Dismukes. He expects a lot from the varsity team. Dismuke hopes to step it up this season since it’s his first year. Dismukes expects team basketball and competing.

After speaking to junior point guard Carson Brownfield that plays on the varsity team. “I’m liking the new basketball coach, I love him as a person and a coach.” Brownfield thinks that the new coach is pushing the team to be mentally and physically prepared for the season that’s coming up.

Dismukes has been pushing them to be hard workers on and off the court. “He is pushing us to another level that he knows we can possibly be and we are going to handle business this season”.

“The work has been very new to us and challenging in terms of being uncomfortable but there isn’t anything we can’t handle as a whole group so I would say the training is building us as a whole so when it gets tough in games we are all mentally locked in,” said Brownfield.

The H-F basketball team has a lot of motivation and belief in them, hopefully, they can show it during the games.