23niors’ Signing Out Early

The class of 2023, it’s finally our time. The last and best to ever do it, I mean come on we’re 23niors’. Most of the seniors’ last day of school is Thursday, May 25. A select few of our classmates decided to graduate early, and their last day to attend classes is Thursday,Dec 22. 

Tate Bowers who is also a part of student government explained when she decided that graduating early was the plan. “I decided that graduating early would be the best decision of my junior year”.

Being surrounded by 2,000 people everyday can be quite overwhelming and that played a part in Bowers decision to graduate early.

“I knew graduating early was the choice for me because high school isn’t a place that I can grow in the most important ways. At times I felt suffocated and anxious for change,” said Bowers. 

Starting off the new year without having to wake up and go to class early graduates will have a lot of free time on their hands. Bower opened up about what she’ll be doing to keep her preoccupied. “College courses and working are the perfect options for me to keep me busy and motivated”. “

“I plan to take gen ed classes at a local college and to continue working at the job that I have now. I also plan to continue modeling and further my career in that aspect,” said Bowers. 

Senior year is the year most students expect to have a lot of fun and senior activities. “I think I might not get to experience the activities during the actual school day but anything after school I can always attend.

Even though Bowers won’t be on the H-F campus she expressed what she’ll be doing in the city. “I’ll be making my own senior year memories in the city at the college I’ll be attending so I know it will all work out”. 

On to our next early graduate who is also a member of the National Honors Society Tyler Pruitt explains her reasoning for opting in to early graduation. 

“The problems that led to me wanting to graduate early was just a drive to fix my mental health, due to the pandemic taking a toll on everything,” said Pruitt.

Pruitt also opened up about how she intends to keep herself preoccupied in the second semester. “I plan to get a job and go to a community college to get a head start. I want to get the general education courses out the way before I actually go to a four year college”. 

Even though this is something that’ll benefit Pruitts mental state of mind, she highlighted how she often thinks about this decision. 

“From time to time it always crosses my mind if I actually want to graduate early or not due to missing out on the fun second semester. Other times I’m just ready to start my life,” said Pruitt. 

The last and final early graduate we’ll be highlighting is Jamie Kohn. She expressed her personal take on early graduation. 

“I decided I wanted to graduate early my freshman year when I heard about it. My final decision is graduating early ,because of things going on at school. I didn’t want to get in trouble anymore,”said Kohn.

Like most early graduates Kohn is opting to take college classes next semester. “I’m going to start college next semester and just work and take classes”. 

As far as second semester senior activities Kohn expressed how she feels about it. “To be honest I don’t think I’m missing anything but my peer leader class.” 

Graduating is a huge accomplishment in itself, but graduating early is an even larger accomplishment. Congratulations to the graduates and good luck to them in all of their future endeavors.