Snowball is Back


A few H-F participants at Snowball this year!!

Zoi Banks, Staff Writer

Snowball has launched for another season of fun and new beginnings for people of all backgrounds. The joy students get from just going to one meeting will be enlightening to join. 

In Snowball, A group of kind and open minded people welcome newcomers with open arms. If being unsure about where you fit in as a freshman Snowball would be a good lead. 

Snowball offers students new friends, more opportunities, a deeper understanding of yourself, a path to travel, fun, games and more.

Give evidence of the previous graf – do you have a quote from someone in which they talk about how “fun” snowball is?

One of these fun events is happening on November 17th-20th, when they’ll be taking their annual trip to Camp Manitoqua in Frankfort. The point of this trip is to help build people skills, conversation skills, and to have fun.

While in the cabins, split into groups, play games, make s’mores, eat, have personal speakers and just enjoy your time away from reality and chaos for days. Participants leave on Thursday and come back Sunday morning. 

The camping trip, however, is only one event of many for Snowball participants.

According to junior Sari Zimmerman, who has been a member of Snowball for 2 years, Snowball members have fun throughout the whole school year.

“I would have to say my best experience in Snowball would have to be the Lip Sync Battle because when my group went we shut the stage down, and it was also fun to see everyone get out of their comfort zones and be themselves,” Zinnerman explained.

Snowball definitely allows participants to get out of their comfort zone and be themselves witthout feeling judged, instead you feel welcomed.

After being a part of Snowball, “I feel more confident when talking to people I don’t know,” explained Zinnerman. 

Additionally, according to Snowball’s group leader and senior Mary Holland, “You will have guaranteed friends” and “you can have fun being who you want to be with no pressure of anything.” 

Meetings are held in the compass room in South G building from 3:30 to 4:00, and all interested students are welcome.

This club is one that gives students space to be themselves and invites anyone who is looking for that space. As Holland said, “You’re literally in a club just to have fun and you just live and exist being supportive and supported by others in the group.”