Pound for Pound College Football Edition

Pound for Pound College Football Edition

Pound 4 Pound

Are Deion Sanders-led Colorado Boilers legit playoff contenders?

Sochim: The Colorado team just recently had their first game and with it, they answered a lot of questions. They beat a TCU team that just last year was in the national championship game. Though the TCU lost key players to the draft they were still a solid team and were ranked top 20 in the nation. Seeing this I’m sure that this team could get into the playoffs

CJ: Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes have started the first game of the season with a win and I think that they could keep that same form for the whole season. They have been ranked 4th in the Pac-12 power rankings by the Buffs’ Wire. With key players like Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter, I definitely think they can make a deep playoff run.                                                                    

Who is your pick for the Heisman winner?

Sochim: My pick for the Heisman will probably change throughout the season but for now my pick is Caleb Williams. He without a doubt the best player in college and is a lock for the #1 pick. The only way he doesn’t win the Heisman is if he doesn’t get as many votes because he won it last year. I could also see Sheduer Sanders or Travis Hunter winning the Heisman as long as they keep the explosive Colorado offense going all season 

CJ: I think the winner this year is definitely Caleb Williams. The USC quarterback is +350 to win the trophy averaging 12 passing yards and 4 rushing yards. The Trojans are currently 1st in the Big 12 going 4-0 and I definitely think they can maintain that position until the end of the season. Williams is definitely gonna have a great season and he is my candidate if he keeps this hot streak up. 

Playoff picks?

Sochim: There are 2 crystal clear College football Playoff locks, and those teams are Georgia and Michigan. Georgia looks as good as always and are steamrolling teams while Michigan has an easy schedule for the rest of the year besides Penn State and Ohio State. Speaking of Ohio State they still look as good as ever even with a new quarterback so I expect them to make the playoffs.

CJ: I know for a fact that the Georgia Bulldogs are going to make the playoffs and you can even make the argument that they’re the best team in college football right now. They have talented offense and defense and are coached by Kirby Smart who has won six national championships and is the 2009 Broyles award winner. With such a deep roster and a coach that is already a proven winner this team will have a deep playoff run and will probably win another national championship.


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