Snow Angel Album Review

This image released by Interscope Records shows Snow Angel by Renee Rapp. (Interscope via AP)
This image released by Interscope Records shows “Snow Angel” by Renee Rapp. (Interscope via AP)

Credited as the biggest solo debut album for a female artist in 2023 by, it’s safe to say that ‘Snow Angel’, Renee Rapp’s debut album has received a lot of attention since its release this past August.

The record has 12 songs in total and portrays what Rapp said is the most mature version of herself. 

With a range of emotional ballads and uptempo pop songs perfectly curated to represent Rapp’s journey as a 23-year-old living in LA and navigating different relationships.

I think every LP should begin with an opening track that can encompass the overall mood of the record and ‘Talk Too Much’ does just that.

A quick-paced song about overthinking to the point of self-sabotage even when you know you should be happy, “I’m here again, talking myself out of my own happiness. I’ll make it up ‘til I quit. I wonder if we should just sit in silence cause, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, I think I talk too much.” 

Throughout the song, Rapp recounts all of the ways she has almost talked herself out of her current relationship and the constant self-awareness that she’s spiraling and should just let herself be happy.

All 12 songs on the album were co-written and produced by singer-songwriter Alexander 23 (Alexander Glantz) and it was actually him who suggested they write what would become the title track of the album. 

Placed number five on the tracklist, ‘Snow Angel’ recounts a traumatic experience Rapp had in early 2022. The lyrics: “Look in the mirror, she looks like me. But half alive, and twice as weak,” appear in the second verse as the ballad breaks out into a beautifully vocalized chorus. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, she shared that during the entire process of writing and recording the song, Rapp felt nothing. It wasn’t until she played the song for her team and realized they believed in the song as much as she did that Rapp finally allowed herself to process her feelings and identify the inherent resilience of the past year of her life. 

If every LP must have an opening track that overviews the feelings of the album, I think there should also be a closing track that ties all of those songs together. 

Track 12, titled ‘23’ was written the day before Rapp’s birthday and from the lyrics to the production, bringing the album to a satisfying end. “But tomorrow I turn 23 and it feels like everyone hates me. So, how old do you have to be, to live so young and careless? My wish is that I cared less at 23” 

The emotional vulnerability throughout the entire album leads listeners to wonder what’s next for the 23-year-old, and it seems like Rapp is asking the same questions. 

With ‘Snow Angel’ being so authentic and raw in every way, there’s no doubt in my mind that this isn’t the last we’ll hear from her and I’m excited to see her career thrive.  

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