What Would You Want To Hear and See?

What Would You Want To Hear and See?

This supernatural, horrific movie, Things Heard and Seen, was released on April 29, 2021 and directed by Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman.

This movie highlights many actors that most people know of in other popular movies or TV shows like Amanda Seyfried, who is most commonly known for her role as Karen in Mean Girls and other movies like Mamma Mia!, Letters to Juliet, Jennifer’s Body, and many more.

As well as her, actress from “Stranger Things”, Natalia Dyer, also stars in this movie.

It was a movie I was always intrigued to see but just kept it on my Netflix list until one night, I finally built up the courage to watch it.

To my surprise, it was nothing like I was expecting for it to be.

There is a man, woman, and their child, known as the Claire’s. They decide to move to a smaller town because of a new job opportunity the husband was offered. Seyfried, who plays the wife, Catherine, was concerned but optimistic about this new setting.

The house that they moved into was filled with many dark secrets about the past family that stayed in the house that Catherine is soon to discover.

However, her husband George, played by James Norton, knew about everything that happened in the past in the house.

He never told Catherine and it caused a huge separation between them because he started to keep a lot of things away from her.

Since she wants to find out more, she goes down into the town.

Once she came into the town, everyone already knew of the Claire’s and what they were up against with the house so they gave her looks.

At the beginning of the film there seemed to be a person watching the Claire’s as they were first moving in and settling down into the house. You will find who the mystery man is later!

Franny, their child, started to see and hear things, thus the title of the movie.

She woke up from something disturbing her sleep and Catherine came in, witnessing something she thought that she would never see in her life. A human-looking ghost floating in the corner of the room.. And it turned out to be the ghost of the wife that lived in that house! From that, she started to let Franny sleep with her.

As Catherine continues to explore the mysteries within the house, she feels the presence of a spirit but to her surprise, she feels drawn and connected to it.

She also finds a ring that the last woman in the house had. She uses it as her weapon which you will soon see farther into the movie.

While Catherine has been dealing with all of the terrors within the house, George’s time is all wrapped around him being at this new school. He has started to make friends with some of the professors that work there but they are all skeptical of him and who he really is.

Is he a fraud? Is he lying about everything he’s done to make it to where he is now?

Even Catherine starts to become skeptical of her own husband and who he really is

George has started to spiral out of control, letting the power from the house and past owner take over him and he takes that out on Catherine.

Will she survive?

Check out Things Heard and Seen on Netflix to see!


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