Bryce Stewart is broadway bound

Bryce Stewart is broadway bound

Rising junior Bryce Stewart is heading for the big stage but first, he’s making a quick stop in the H-F Fine Arts Department. 

Many people search their whole lives to find their calling in life, but Stewart believes that the arts found him. “I always am my happiest when I am on stage telling a story through the movement within my vocal cords or even the motions and methods of my acting.” he shared. 

Not only is the young star passionate about his skills, he is also incredibly well-rounded. Stewart is not only a member of Viking Choir, Viking Ensemble, Speech and Theater, but he is also a co-director of Social Media and Marketing for H-F’s Thespian Society and the secretary of our Illinois Music Honors Society.  

Out of all the activities he does, Stewart is most drawn to theater and has performed in numerous productions here at H-F. His favorite role however, was Pumbaa in Disney’s “The Lion King Jr.”

“Playing the role of Pumbaa was simply a dream come true. He is such a goofy character to play around with, and I am so happy I was allowed to make him my own back in November 2021 my freshman year on the H-F stage.” Stewart recalled. 

With such a vibrant and charismatic spirit, it makes sense that Stewart would lean towards the comedic roles he does. It takes true talent to make acting choices that can come across as intentional but natural at the same time and Stewart does just that. 

“My dream roles range so it is really hard to pick only one! Some of them would easily have to be Seymour from “Little Shop of Horrors”,  Olaf from “Disney’s Frozen.” Or even Genie from “Disney’s Aladdin the Musical.” Stewart said. “All of these roles are so incredibly special to my heart in their own way.”

There’s no doubt in my mind that Stewart is Broadway bound. With his strong voice, impeccable stage presence, and overall enchanting personality, it’s truly a privilege to watch his career unfold.

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