Album Rewind: Tink’s Winter Trilogy

Album Rewind: Tinks Winter Trilogy

Chicago rapper and singer, Trinity Laure’Ale Home but also known as Tink, has created many hit songs and great albums. One of her albums that are compared like none of the others is called Winter’s Diary 3, falling after Winter’s Diary 1 & 2. This album was released on July 30, 2015 consisting of 10 songs. Here are some examples: “Jupiter”, “Very Very Special”, “I Like”, and more.

Similar to many of her other releases, Winter’s Diary 3 has the same R&B soul and intimate feeling to it, while exploring through her own internal monologues that touch on love, loss, loyalty, and self esteem.

Though, she tries not to show repetitiveness within the messages of her songs.

Without her songs being too overbearing, she adds a rejuvenating touch  while still putting a meaningful message out there.

While growing up in the music business due to both of her parents’ involvement in the industry, Tink has always felt extremely mature.

She was recognized by producers such as Timbaland, C-Slick, Cookin Soul, and even had the opportunity to be her own producer. 

Despite Tink only being a teenager when making the albums, “Winter’s Diary” and “Winter’s Diary 2”, she has blossomed into something brand new when it came to making “Winter’s Diary 3”, now being in her 20s.

Tink has explicitly shared that she feels she holds responsibility for younger women as their role model and sees herself as a feminist.

Furthermore, one of the songs from her album, “Stripclub” is dedicated to remind consumers of dancers’ humanity and encourage them to not let their profession weaken their dignity. 

The background behind this song talks about a 20 year old woman whose father abandoned her when she was a child, she became pregnant, and her mom kicked her out. She felt like she had no other way to make an income so she turned to working in a club as an exotic dancer to provide for herself and her baby. The second verse in this song goes into the description, “Can’t nobody judge you no, no… Make that money don’t let that money make you girl…She’s climbing up thinking of all the things she could have done else…But what’s to do when no one cares and all you have is yourself.”

Another song, “L.E.A.S.H” is  known as an “empowerment anthem” for independence.

Tink’s appeal to her audience is displayed with her thoughtfulness and the warmth she transmits through her songs, like the effect of “The Afterparty” being the song to come on after the club instead of being the club anthem.

Moving on to my favorite song of this album: “H20”

This song is said to be truly, deeply moving, going through the obstacles within relationships and dealing with the emotions that come with it. The lyrics throughout “H20” are used to portray emotional vulnerability and the struggles that come when trying to open up to a person.

Tink expresses through this song how she has deep desires to truly have a real, meaningful connection with her significant other. Her inspiration was extracted from her own personal experiences and challenges she faced within her own relationships. 

When she says, “Chest that I hide when it’s lightning and I’m frightened…You’re the Friday to my weekend…My life vest when I’m the deep end…You are H20 H20…Soup to my cold… Film to the roll…Love doesn’t fold.” She wants to build that trust in her significant other that they will be there for her through any tough times, she wants to be able to spend quality time with them. She’s expressing that they would save her when she’s “drowning” and then using matching phrases of what each of the items do for each other. Lastly, she refers to “love doesn’t fold” and I think this is speaking out to if you genuinely love a person, love will basically never fail.

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