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It could be hard to try to find motivation through the winter–here’s some tips
During the winter is really when school gets tough with bad weather comes a bad mood.
During the winter is really when school gets tough with bad weather comes a bad mood.
Jordan Luckett

Students around the world start to lose motivation towards the middle of the school year. The middle of the school year is the hardest of years due to final exams and things like that. The question is why, and what are some things we can do in schools to keep students

This lack in Motivation a feeling that students all around the world start to experience called motivational change,” which” is the change in motivation for students to do their work, study and overall do well in school. As students start to lose motivation, grades can slip and by the time students regain the motivation to do their “work”, it may be too late.

According to Total Wellness, “It is scientifically proven that winter makes the body less energetic.” Therefore students wouldn’t have the energy to do their work which also makes it harder for them to have the motivation and have the urge to want to do better and learn.

Sophomore Addison Hall said, “I definitely feel a lack of motivation due to the seasonal change.” 

But how do we fix it? There are many ways we could try to help fix this motivational change. One idea, according to Total Wellness, is meditation. Meditation is a practice in which an individual uses a technique called mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity. This could help people relax, while also helping the attention span of people and trains the mind to be more emotionally stable.

 “What I think helps me are breaks or time off and incentives for meeting certain academic standards,” Hall said.

Students aren’t the only ones who can experience this change. Teachers, parents and more all over the world have started to experience this change.

So how can we fix this problem for everyone? Should we lessen homework, should we give more awards towards good academics or should we give more breaks from school? How can we overall fix this problem? 

Lessening homework is a good way to help with this change. During this time it’s really hard on the students. Students have to worry about their grades, doing well on their exams, as well as whatever they have going on in life.

Geometry teacher Melissa Jones said, “I try to keep the curriculum engaging. Using activities. Just really trying to make sure students are engaged.”

Fixing this motivational problem around the world is very important, for the youth and many generations to come. 


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    Tiffany MarieDec 13, 2023 at 11:33 am

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