New faces showcases play

New faces showcases their talents in first play of the year
Scene 6 of New Faces play!
Scene 6 of New Faces play!
Carla Erdey


On Feb. 22, New Faces performed their first play, “Winter Break.”

The New Faces program here at H-F offers students new to the school or theater a space to express themselves and do what they love most—create art. 

With guidance from experienced teachers, these actors get a chance to express themselves and showcase their talents in a supportive environment in order to grow as artists and gain confidence in their abilities on stage.

“New Faces have allowed me to break into H-F theater without as many restrictions because New Faces is designed to introduce directors to people who are or can get intimidated by older people,” actor Abigail Cunneen said. ” It has made me more confident in myself as a performer and made connections through the H-F program, and in general, it allows me to have a soft opening into H-F theater.”

One can  clearly see this expressed in their recent production, “Winter Break.” Their dedication and passion for the craft shines through in their performances. 

 “Winter Break” follows 19 teenagers who are all connected through each other as they deal with friendships, breakups, loss, graduation, and finding their place in the world. 

This play explored many heartfelt themes, with love and belonging being central to the storyline. The students involved in the production worked hard to bring their characters to life and deliver these powerful themes and messages to the audience in a funny and relatable way. 

The prologue starts with a short film, an H-F production by students Nichelle Alexander and Nyla Bishop. This film sets the scene for the play and introduces the audience to the diverse group of characters they will follow throughout the production.

The opening scene featured two student actors, Maki’a Begay portraying the character Charlie and Simon Howard, who played the role of Brett. The two did an amazing job opening the play with an engaging performance filled with humor.

 The rest of the cast continued to impress with their strong acting skills and chemistry on stage, creating an entertaining performance that kept the audience invested from start to finish. 

This amazing  production was a true testament to the skills and dedication of the students involved, showcasing their ability to bring a story to life in a captivating and memorable way. 

The New Faces program has truly provided a platform for these students to shine and grow as performers. 

Maki’a Begay shared, “I love New Faces because all throughout the year you see a lot of the same people because they have more experience and have been in theater longer, but New Face program is like a clean slate because you have an opportunity to show what you have instead of competing against them.”

Overall, the production was a huge success and left a lasting impact on everyone in attendance. The hard work and talent of the students truly shone through in every aspect of the performance.


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