Entertaining Study Hacks For Finals

Entertaining Study Hacks For Finals

Studying can be stressful and difficult when you don’t know where to start. To help this, here are some fun studying hacks I found to brighten up your studying!

The first way is to listen to music. It’s always fun to listen and jam out while working or studying. Music is fun to listen to, the melody and rhymes flow through your mind and you can use the same principles while you study. 

While studying facts, try putting them into music. Music is easily memorizable, there’s even a section in the brain primarily only for music! Just listening to music while studying will help students memorize and get ready.

Another way is to study with shaving cream.

Even though studying math is one of the hardest things to do, using shaving cream is a fun way to do it. Just spray some on your desk then write your questions and answer them. It’s easy to clean and it brings the child out of you!

Playing games is fun and some could even teach you new materials.

“Find cool prizes at the dollar store and have a competition with your friends to see who knows the material best,” according to Joliet Junior College. “If you’re on your own, quiz yourself on how much you know and give yourself a prize if you “win” or do well. Or come up with your own game!”

 Lastly, studying in groups helps, even if it’s not with your friends. Sometimes, when you’re struggling to prepare for a test, it’s just nice to know that you’re not alone.

So, go to the library, hang out with friends, work with parents, anything that will help you with studying. Hopefully, this will help you in the future with other tests and college work!

Talking helps your brain function better when you can hear voices, speaking out loud while reading flash cards or going over notes help you memorize faster and better.

 Moving your body around helps your blood flow in your brain goconqr.com states It’s been proven that exercise can boost your memory and brain power. Research conducted by Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois provides evidence that about 20 minutes of exercise before an exam can improve performance.” 

Eating and sleeping helps your body and brain move and work. It’s important to eat a healthy amount of food and have 7-9 hours of sleep before a test, snacks are also important to help you stay awake during finals.

While studying is important, taking breaks is also important to help you not over stress about what you have to study for. While studying you should take a 10-15 minute break to eat, rejuvenate and breathe before getting back to work.

So feel good while studying, playing music, eating and having fun learning important information!

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