Trump trumps the polls

Thomas Planera

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March 23, 2016

If you were conscious at all this summer, you know that it was the summer of Trump.

He dominated the airwaves and social media with his eccentric behavior that, besides his money, is fueling his presidential campaign.

He’s one out of over a dozen Republican candidates up for nomination. A vast majority of people can’t name four or five others, and I can’t blame them.

What Donald Trump has done well is distinguish himself from the others. Unlike the other Republicans, he’s entertaining, loud and unpredictable. He knows how to make the headlines and steal attention.

Instead of fighting Trump and giving him more publicity, the Republican candidates should take notes.

His wildly politically incorrect yet honest statements are what a lot of Republican citizens have on their minds but never want to say.

This comes with its backlash for sure. People from both parties keep questioning how serious he is and say things like, “How can this guy become president?”

With plans like making the Mexicans build a wall at the border and changing birthright laws, it’s easy to see how they can say this.

Yet, I still think he’s pretty serious. The polls don’t lie: he’s consistently ahead. Say what you want about him, but he’s winning.

CNN’s most recent poll shows that Trump is favored by 32 percent of Republicans, leading Ben Carson by 13 percent, who’s in second place.

This is the first time a Republican presidential candidate has passed the 30-percent mark.

I must say, though, that the polls are usually unreliable. At this time in 2007 and in 2011, neither of the poll leaders were close to the White House when everything was said and done.

However this doesn’t mean Trump’s destiny is set.

Besides Jeb Bush, I can’t see the American people supporting anyone from the Republican Party all the way. The lack of quality candidates is why Trump has a greater chance.

The e-mail scandal with Hillary doesn’t hurt either. Besides being untrustworthy, her consistent hiccups like the Benghazi situation and Iranian nuke deal add up to one question: Is she fit to run the country?

What she has going for her is the female vote- that is, the young female vote (assuming young Americans will even vote, which they’re not known for).

Since millennials dislike Trump so much, hopefully he will get us off the couch and in the booth by either gaining our support or compelling us to vote against him.

People who hate Trump make it clear they hate Trump. Lets face it- he’s rude, loud, and too personal- but he is what he is.

This is what people like about him though.

He can get away with making comments about Carly Fiorina’s face because people will still support him. This is what he’s been pulling off all summer.

He’s a reality star, and this is what he does. So if you ask me, he’s not going anywhere soon.