Talking Bae With Taiy

Trust in Relationships

What happens in a relationship without trust?
This may involve second guessing their motives and not giving them the space that relationships need to thrive.
The easiest way to strengthen a relationship is to trust and the easiest way to ruin a relationship is to violate trust.
Trust and consistency are some of the important aspects of a relationship and key to developing something worthwhile.
We’re in high school and there are many situations where temptation can lead to lies and deceit.
This may make you feel like you’re not able to trust your boyfriend or girlfriend.
As a couple you should feel like you’re a team; you should be allies not enemies.
The feeling that you get when you’re able to date your best friend is one that can never be duplicated.
Personally, I talk to my boyfriend about everything and treat him like one of my girlfriends.
This has allowed me to become very comfortable with him and I’m able to share with him things that nobody else knows.

Being open with yourself and your own feelings is the first step in becoming comfortable with your partner.
Once you’re able to be honest with yourself, you’ll be able to be honest with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Make sure not to shame, accuse or judge to allow them the same courtesy you would like in talking about your feelings.
Stay in the moment and listen closely. You don’t want the person to feel as though you’re not actually paying attention to what they are saying.
The purpose is to get them to open up to you while you’re also opening up.
Keep your private moments private. If you want them to be comfortable in talking to you, they have to feel as though it’s only between you and them.
It’s hard to open up to an on-again off-again person. You should be a reliable person that they can always come to.
There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, as long as you keep that in mind, it’ll all work out.
Don’t set unrealistic expectations, just really love that person.
A willingness to be vulnerable and to give your all to someone is the best way to be fully invested and show that you care.
People feel like being vulnerable makes you less independent or weak, when it actually means the complete opposite.
Being vulnerable means being able to show yourself to someone without fear of being judged or rejected.

When you find someone you can completely open your heart up to, the strength you feel is the greatest thing you can do for yourself.
If you don’t feel that way in a relationship, you may want to reconsider it.