Talking Bae with Taiy

Cuffing Season

Taiylar Ball, Feature Editor

The draft is here and everyone is scrambling around trying to find their starting lineup.
No, silly, I’m not talking about basketball. I’m talking about cuffing season.
“Cuffing season” occurs when the weather starts to get chilly and it’s nearing the fall and winter months.
People who would rather be single normally find themselves wanting to be “cuffed” or tied down in a relationship.
The cold weather and the prolonged indoor activity causes those who are single to want to desperately become cuffed.
People try to secure their potential bae in the early September month by creeping into direct messages or text messages with “how are you?” And “what are you doing?”
Cuffing season is purely for the winter months and is not to be confused with a serious relationship.
If your “cuff” is boyfriend or girlfriend material, then maybe you can make your spot in their life permanent.
If you’re looking for your thunder buddy for the unbearable winter months, I’ve put together tips to help you get through cuffing season without making a mess.
The first thing you should do is take some consideration in picking your potential cuff. This should be a person you don’t want a relationship with, but can keep you company.
They should be on the same page as you so there are no hard feelings when cuffing season is over.
The next thing you should do is make sure communication is key in your cuffingship.
It’s important that they know where you stand and vice versa.
Do not expect anything in your potential cuff. This is temporary and should be looked at as just something to do in your spare time.
In any relationship or friendship, feelings can become involved.
When you’re always cuddling, watching movies, going out to eat and doing “couple” things, you can certainly start getting the wrong idea.
Do not make the mistake of making things complicated. This should be a simple concept.
This should be a fun time. It’s a time to be with someone without the strings of a relationship.
Make sure to enjoy yourself and make it fun.
When you do start to approach the spring months, you know that cuffing season is indeed coming to an end.
If you followed the above tips, it should be something you can happily look back on.
Make sure you’re not talking as much, but there are no bad vibes.
As long as you enjoyed the time you spent with your cuff, then this season was successful.
Cuffing season is not for everyone. Some people are sensitive or hopeless romantics like I am.
Make sure this is something you can do before you agree to it.