Styles by Blaire

Brown records fashion-based Youtube channel


Morgan Myles , Feature Writer

Senior Blaire Brown is an aspiring fashion stylist that has started a Youtube channel to show her unique styles and fashion tips for young women.

Styles by Blaire is more than just a Youtube channel showing monthly favorites and must-have items. It is a place where you can see fashion that gears towards your body type, occasion, and budget.

“There are a lot of components that come into choosing how to style a person. Their personality, where they are trying to go, and the biggest thing is how much money is willing to be spent on the outfit,” Brown said.

Blaire Brown has had an eye for fashion her whole life. The dream just needed a little push in order for her to pursue it.

“Well, my dad originally pitched the idea of doing a jewelry line called Just For You Accessories, I liked it, but it just wasn’t the same as clothes. So, I decided to lighten up on selling the accessories and gear my time more towards Youtube and fashion,” Brown said.

Her fashion dream has been with her a lifetime. Though, the Youtube channel seems to have just arrived.

“Like I said, I’ve always loved fashion and just putting a Youtube channel together to show the different ways you can put clothes together seemed like a good starter to get Styles By Blaire out there,” Brown said.

Choosing what works best for someone takes more than just an eye for fashion. Brown spends big chunks of time learning the ins and outs of fashion so that the information she gives her viewers is credible.

“Over the summer, I used this website called Polyvore. Basically you can put together different outfits and share them to your social media pages. Also, I have a mentor that currently lives in Atlanta,” Brown said.

Brown’s plan for the future is to actually move to Atlanta and open a boutique, but it all starts with her channel and what she has in store now.

“I want to have Booker on one of my videos because he customizes his and other people’s shoes,” Brown said. “Also, I would love to do a makeover to someone but I feel like people wouldn’t want to do it because they’ll think they’re a charity case.”

For her Youtube channel, Brown wants to give people fashion tips that they really wouldn’t hear anywhere else, like some of the fashion secrets that can enhance any outfit no matter how basic.

“A good way to make any outfit look better is a infinity scarf, nice pair of boots and a leather jacket,” Brown said.

There are also some things that Brown sees as fashion do’s and don’t’s, and if you tune in to her Youtube channel, she can give tips and other options for your style.

“You should never wear a black dress with nude shoes because the two nude colors clash. Also, wearing something tight on the top and bottom just doesn’t work,” Brown said.

With anything you do it’s always nice to have supportive people following your dream with you. All of the supportive people around Brown see the bright future ahead of her.

“Ten years from now I see Blaire completing her bachelor’s and master’s degree and working in the fashion industry,” Brown’s mom Traci Brown said. “Probably traveling the globe bringing joy and confidence in women as a result of her gift in being able to eloquently dress them according to their personalities and her inspiration.”

Styles by Blaire is more than just a label, it’s a dream that can be seen prosper over her channel.

“Fashion is what I’m passionate about and watching my Youtube channel will hopefully let everyone take this journey with me,” Brown said.