Cupcake Stage

The sugar and honey in your relationship soon fades after the honeymoon phase, better known as the cupcake stage.
The cupcake stage is the beginning of a relationship, when you only want to spend time with your special someone.
You’re in an euphoria and everything about them seems perfect.
Falling in love is an amazing experience, but nothing beats the cupcake stage.
The sad thing about it is that this stage does have an expiration date.
According to one New York University study, researchers found that the phase wears off after about 30 months.
Before you become acclimated to your new boo, it’s easy to believe that everything they do is amazing.
You love the way they twirl their hair, lick their lips and that annoying laugh that you won’t notice until this phase is over.
There are signs that tell you if you’re still in the cupcake stage. If you are, just beware that it does come to an end.
The first sign is no fighting. During the cupcake stage, you usually are so lovey dovey that you never fight.
This is a great thing and you may feel like you’re the perfect couple because you don’t fight.
The problem comes when you’re not able to say what’s on your mind because you only want to please the other person.
Constant touching is another sign. If you’re always kissing, hugging and embracing each other, you’re definitely in the cupcake stage.
During this stage, you may also idolize your partner. You may say things like, “You’re the best thing that has happened to me” or “I can’t imagine life without you.”
Sorry to break it to you, but you would be fine if they are not in your life.
The cupcake stage does not last forever and you will eventually have to deal with fights.
Everything that you kept in that annoyed you about your partner has finally built up.
What do you do after the fizzle has burned out after the cupcake stage?
You will have to put in some effort because keeping things fun is not easy.
Try going on dates. This is reminiscent of the beginning of your relationship and will keep the spark going for your relationship.
Get dolled up.
Take some extra time to do your hair or wear that new shirt they got you. Although you all are comfortable with each other, go the extra mile.
Pay attention to how you feel and be open and honest.
Figure out what makes the honeymoon stage so special.
The cupcake stage is a time where you are in awe of your bae, but there are ways to fall in love with them everyday. Stick to those and the flame will burn forever.