We are too sensitive as a society

Thomas Planera

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March 23, 2016

It seems like every time you say something, someone gets mad.

A new Pew survey shows 40 percent of millennials support the government banning individuals from making offensive comments towards minorities.

This includes both racial and religious minorities.

I don’t support verbally abusing minorities for any reason, but this survey shows the hypersensitive society that we live in.

This society declares that you can’t say anything that will be even mildly offensive to someone else.

It’s almost as if there’s a list of things you can’t say or do, like Spongebob trying not to attract a sea bear.

It also declares that whenever someone says something you don’t like, it is your right to stand up against that person and publicly villainize him/her.

It is impossible to make everyone happy with what you say. That is, unless, you join the politically correct culture that we’re taught to abide by.

Once you join the PC club, you can do no wrong; you’ll never be in hot waters for your opinion.

However joining the club comes at the price of losing your voice and individual thought.

The leaders of the PC club are the universities. They take young, impressionable minds and mold them to fit their far-left ideology.

The universities will promise you freedom at the expense of other people’s freedom. They support millennials and their lifestyles of independence.

How is it that millennials want to vote freely, have sex freely, learn freely and make money freely, but don’t want others to speak freely?

There’s clearly hypocrisy here.

At Yale, you can’t wear a sombrero for Halloween because it will offend your fellow students.

They will then take it up with the administration, who will side with the angry students because it is teaching them to act this way.

At Dartmouth, you can’t study in the library without being disrupted by angry protesters.

Even though the protesters are disturbing the peace and violating school code, they’re saying what they want to say, which I support.

I’m irritated more by the administration who apologizes to the protesters instead of the students trying to study.

There’s no one to apologize to those kids in the library even though they’re victims of the same actions that the protesters are.

These are supposedly our most prestigious universities, yet they demonstrate a complete lack of professionalism.

These institutions should be teaching their students about the real world, not the one where there’s always someone there to protect you.

Also, they boast diversity, preach racial and gender equality and offer minorities a “safe space” to live and learn.

These are the same universities that serve as prime examples of racism and rape culture.

They can’t truly promise anyone a “safe space” when the reality is that universities are the most dangerous environments for minorities and young women to be in.

The mainstream media is shoving their PC culture down our throats and giving us a false sense of reality.