Listen up!

New club appreciates music

Printed on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom in bold marker were the words of today’s theme: 90’s.

From the bouncing rap of Nelly to the smooth vocals of Boyz II Men, H-F students basked in the good music that their peers had to offer.

They were seated around the room occupied by different things.

Some of them worked on their homework, many were chatting up others and a few were simply busying themselves on their phones.

However, one thing they had in common: they were all enjoying themselves.

This was The Listening Club.

“Basically, we choose a theme for each time we meet and the members play a song that relates to it. People can just sit and listen to the music, do their homework, work on projects, talk or discuss why they chose their particular song,” said senior Sophie O’Connor, one of the club leaders. “It’s a really good way to listen to new music and expand your taste and just connect with other people through music.”

Senior Maggie Danielian describes the club as “a diverse lively group of people who can all connect and relax and be happy apart from the repetitive school day”.

Started by alumnus Josiah McFadden and Lauren Minga during their senior year, the club was meant to be a way in which students would not only share and discover new types of music, but also express themselves and make new friends in the process.

Growing up, McFadden was heavily influenced by his brother and would listen to anything from Heavy Metal to Vivaldi.

As a result, he wanted other have this same diverse listening experience but through the club.

“I found out that there are similarities amongst the different genres of music, no matter how different. Each type of genre can evoke the same or different reactions from different and similar people,” McFadden said. “The original idea for me was the juxtaposition of Bach and Chief Keef. I wanted to create an environment where these two artists could be studied and respected in the light.”

This year, the club is run by seniors O’Connor, Danelian and Michael Gavin.

Being members of the club last year, the trio was elected based off of their dedication to the club and passion about music, says Minga.

“They also bring a down-to-earth feel to the club with their outgoing personalities and hilarious antics. Their knowledge and dedication mixed with their amazing personalities really made them stand out as the obvious choices,” McFadden said. “I would also like to recognize Lonzo Lynn as a dedicated member that has a heavy influence on the club; showing up to meetings and participating in the club’s public relations.”

The three leaders have high hopes for this year’s club.

“I hope that we can make it as good as last year and reassure Lauren and Josiah that they chose the right leaders!” said O’Connor. “And I hope a larger range of people start coming, especially younger people so that they can not only become involved in such a great club but also so we can choose people to take our place next year and hold up the fort.”

Danielian says that students should “branch out from what you’re accustomed to” and hopes the members enjoy themselves.

“I hope the club members get comfortable enough with each other that we can play anything and we all vibe to it no matter what,” Gavin said. “Also I hope we get more members involved.”