It’s a new year and with that being said, women have decided that they are not here for the games guys run.
To combat the silly shenanigans they try to play, women are vowing to flip the script in 2016 and put themselves first.
With this in mind, I believe women should take control of their love lives.
Instead of focusing on getting chose, women need to remember that they get to choose too.
Preparing for a date includes women getting their hair and nails done, and even making sure their outfit is perfect.
Spending all this time preparing for a date makes me ponder how much time a male spends getting ready for a date.
This doesn’t include the physical attributes that catch the other person’s eye. This also includes him being a gentleman and making sure he knows what to say.
Women should not spend all this time making sure they’re appealing.
Men should put in the effort to make sure their woman is attracted to them as well.
Dating is not just about “getting chose”. Women get to choose as well.
They have as much say so in their relationship as men do.
Guys never have a problem with tweeting or saying what their ideal woman looks like or what they expect from her. There should be the same standard when referring to women.
Women need to stop putting pressure on themselves to be “the one” when the man isn’t doing the same.
Men want a woman that cooks, can play 2K, and can netflix and chill. Sometimes all at the same time!
But we’re not going to get into how ridiculous gender roles are in this column.
There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to do certain things to make herself feel good.
If that dress you put on is for you, go for it. If you’re doing it just for him, that’s an issue.
The problems come in when women start obsessing over a failed relationship. They start blaming themselves, their physical appearance, or the other things that ultimately make them, them.
Women are doing all of that, when ol’ boy who put in no effort from the beginning is over there chilling like nothing happened.
Relationships are great when you’re actually in them, but have fun while you’re on the prowl too.
Spend time getting to know what you want so you’re satisfied with your partner as well.
Sure, everyone wants to get chose, but the more important thing is to be certain that you choose a man back.
Don’t let the man lead the pack. Set your goals high and make sure he meets your caliber of excellence.
Be the chooser, don’t wait to get chosen.You have as much control as he does.
Make sure he fits your own standards and makes an attempt to be as good for you as you want to be for him.