Allegiant Review

Morgan Myles, Feature writer

I’m a little disappointed. The first part of Allegiant was a decent setup for the second movie. I definitely think the first two movies had more of a plot, but this movie was really just made to set up the last movie, which I have higher hopes for. Tris, the main character, continues to make selfless choices and Four is always there to pick up the pieces.

The team continues to lose and gain new members and the audience is torn between who to trust. Also, the movie was almost two hours long with a plot that seemed to drag at times. I enjoyed falling in love and hating characters all over again.
However, the whole movie I was just waiting for that “what just happened moment.” I never got it. Although, I did see more of Tris and Four’s love story which was something I was waiting on, so I guess that’s a plus.

I’m not sure on how I feel about the ending, but I won’t spoil anything for you guys because it is worth the see despite some of the let downs. Maybe my hopes were just too high for a movie that was meant to leave you wanting to see the last part.

I tried to go in there with an open mind and not compare the movie to other trilogies I’ve seen. Allegiant is nowhere near the end of that list, but it’s not at the top either. I am in love with the first two movies and maybe this is another reason I’m so disappointed. When you’ve seen how talented the author and producers are and how entertaining their movies can be, you come in with the mind set that you are going to leave the movie feeling like you are a part of the cast.

There were some funny parts because Peter stayed the same old sarcastic Peter throughout the movie and really it kind of held the movie together. Having the funny parts kind of offset the cliche hero plot. I literally spent the whole movie waiting on something to go wrong and for anything not to go in their favor. Some parts did leave me angry because they didn’t go the way I wanted them to, but those ended up being the best parts of the movie to be honest.

alligantThe movie had a good setup for the last part of Allegiant because it answered a lot of questions and left you with more. However, the plot and action in this movie lacked compared to the others.
Even through all of this, I would suggest to go see it because it was a solid movie and I’m sure the last part will be better. It gives some key parts that will leave you confused if you skip this movie and also cleared up some of the questions from Insurgent. It just took a slower route to get to the action part of the story, but sometimes you need the boring pieces answered before you can fully understand the battle and action parts.