Montgomery heads to Syracuse summer program

Morgan Myles, Feature Editor

Starting off on VTV, junior Keithina Montgomery is now moving on to be apart of the Syracuse University college program starting this summer in July.
“Basically, it’s a six week program that details everything involving communications. We do sections on journalism and different ways to report news in general. This program basically gives you all the fundamental skills you need to get comfortable with this major,” Montgomery said.
Getting into college programs can be as easy as researching some of the schools the specific student is interested in. Many colleges have programs to scout students and prepare them for the college’s classes to come.
“Syracuse University is basically like my dream school. I was on their website and saw that they had a college opportunity for high schoolers, so I decided to fill out the application and did the essay. I tried to apply for as much financial aid as I could and hoped that I would stand out enough to get in,” Montgomery said.
Standing out doesn’t seem like a hard task for Montgomery according to one of her friends, junior Glynnis McManamy, because of her outgoing personality.
“Keithina is really friendly and talks to literally everybody. I think that’s a perfect trait, especially for the field she wants to go into because in communications it’s all about networking and who you know. She’s really good with people and can make anyone want to speak with her,” McManamy said.
Wanting to go into the sports field, Montgomery will have to meet many new people and personalities. According to junior Carter Schultz that is what Montgomery was built for.
“Keithina sees both sides of every story, even when it comes to things that goes on within our friends. She looks into everything with detail and I could see her putting that same mentality into every story she covers,” Schultz said.
Montgomery wants to make a difference in the sports anchor industry. Her vision is to see more women doing the job and is willing to start by going through the process herself.
“I want to go into this field and not just be a woman who goes into the industry to be a pretty face on camera. That’s not what being a sports anchor entails. Getting the news and reporting it should be the main goal,” Montgomery said.
Students that see this industry, or something similar, in their future should look into the programs they can get into while in high school.
“If communications or anything for this matter is what you want to do, put a lot of time into it and just work on getting better and networking. Don’t compare your growth to anyone else’s and know sometimes you just aren’t destined to do something,” Montgomery said. “ If you don’t put up a wall when things get hard, I feel like you can do anything.”