Baby, Don’t Go

Taiylar Ball, Feature Writer

You and your bae are probably going off to college. That’s all fine and dandy, except for one thing; it won’t work. Whether it’s the same school or different, the relationship will have the same outcome. Don’t turn the page now! This is my experience, so take it with a grain of salt. Talking Bae With Taiy.
A long distance relationship is extremely hard because it takes patience, trust and communication.
It sounds so easy when you’re all in love and you can’t fathom you and your significant other breaking up.
The hard truth is that there is a possibility that you all won’t be together forever. The other side of that is that you may!
I know I’m contradicting myself, but the first thing you should do when thinking about long distance is try. In my case, trying was beneficial, but it inevitably didn’t work out for me.
You should try it out. It’s never a good thing to break up and give up on your boyfriend or girlfriend before you’ve even tried the distance thing out.
The good thing about being away from each other is that the relationship will get stronger. You’re going to have to make them a bigger priority and that’s okay.
The problem with that is when you go off to college, it’s a whole new world.
You’re going to meet new people, do new things, and change is inevitable.
You may change and they may change and you may grow apart. You have to decide whether you’re going to support each other’s growth, or decide that it is not for you.
When in a long distance relationship, communicate. It’s going to be hard to talk all the time because you both are living different lives.
Try to send a message as much as you can, use social media, and Facetime. Honestly, technology has made it so much easier to keep in contact when being far apart from each other. Just do it!
There are a lot of cute little things you can do while away from each other. You can send balloons, “Open When” letters, and make little items with your pictures on them.
It’s comforting to know that they’re with you, even when they are not. Make the effort.
When you are together, do not spend that time arguing over what could’ve been done when you were apart. Maturity is talking it out, not fighting.
Try to use that time to just enjoy each other’s company. Learn something new about each other. Get to know that person you’ve been away from.
Trust and understand that there will be times when you won’t be able to talk to them. Don’t go crazy, just be patient.
You both will be busy, but don’t run yourself crazy by thinking of things they “could be” doing.
Try to trust that they are doing the right thing and it’ll be okay. Balance will come with time
I promise, everything will work out if you really want it to. Sometimes, it just doesn’t. If there are two people that really love each other, are both willing, and really want to be together, then the sky’s the limit.