Home Who’s Coming?

Ryan Akridge, Feature writer

It seems like this year, Chicago born hip hop artist, Chancelor Bennett, better known as Chance the Rapper, has taken the world by storm.  From his viral #sogonechallenge to his most recent mixtape, the Coloring Book, Chance has quickly turned into a household name.  This summer Chance announced that he would be going on a tour called the Magnificent Coloring World Tour.
Many fans, who also happen to be H-F students, are attending his highly anticipated concert held at U.S. Cellular Field that features many major artists.  However, there is just one small problem. The concert just happens to fall on Sept. 24, the same exact day as H-F’s homecoming. Many students, especially seniors, have been debating between choosing to go to homecoming or the concert, or attempting to make both.
“I’ve gone to every homecoming dance in my high school career, so it is a little sad not to be able to go to my last homecoming. I think the concert is a great substitute,”senior Katelyn Sanders said.
The concert has a great lineup that features artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, John Legend, and many other phenomenal performers.  The tickets are pretty affordable, which definitely makes it more appealing to fans and  is a major reason why the concert is sold out.  Plenty of students believe it is worth missing homecoming.
“If I was able to get a ticket to the concert, it wouldn’t have even been a debate. I would choose to see Chance over going to homecoming any day,” junior Jacqueline Bassey said..
The concert will most likely have a major impact on homecoming ticket sales and lower the dance’s attendance. Some students are trying to have the best of both worlds by attending the concert and attempting to make it in time for the dance.
“Honestly I am looking forward to both events, because I want to have fun at the concert and look poppin’ at the dance since it is my homecoming year,” senior Inea Gregory said.
Though the concert is supposed to be an “all day event”, Gregory is willing to leave the concert early and miss performances in order to make it before the 9:00 pm check-in time.
“The difficulty of going to both is that I am unsure of when the concert will be over, so I will probably miss some of it in order to go to the dance,” Gregory said. “Hopefully I won’t miss the cut off time to the dance as well.”
A lot of students have decided to avoid the debate, and have actually thrown out the idea of the dance all together.
“Honestly, it depends on what my friends want to do, but if I did have the opportunity to go to homecoming after the concert I would like to definitely do that,” Sanders said.
This will be the first and last music festival at the U.S. Cellular field since the ballpark will be renamed to Guarantee Rate field.  Some students have made the choice to go to their senior homecoming instead of the concert.
“It’s my senior homecoming! This is my last time to dress up and sit in the H-F gym,” senior Kennedy Gresham. “In all seriousness, it’s my last homecoming, I’m definitely going.”