Freesole flying away


    The stage is swept. The lights are  focused, and the mic is in your hand. The bass of the song you and your best friend made together is blasting in your ear, going straight to your head. Suddenly, all there is you and the crowd. This is Freesole Chicago at its finest form.

    Freesole is a musical group that  started as a small rap group and grew into to a family that embraces one another’s differences and talents as performers. The family didn’t always start like this. It took a lot of trust and studio time for the group to love each other as they do now.

    “It’s something you really don’t find everywhere. All of the puzzle pieces fit perfectly and that’s what makes us so special. I have friends, but it’s not like Freesole,” group leader Al Collier a.k.a Leo said.

     With a fourth concert on the way, the groups popularity seems to have skyrocketed since thier first show, in addition  to their musical ability and trust within the family. With support from their parents and peers, they have nearly 10,000 plays on Sound cloud.

     With big dreams as high as the sky and pens running out of ink with a notebook tearing away at the ends, their confidence isn’t always at it’s highest. Music Producer Lee Junious knows the pressure and stress music can add along to not just Freesole but, himself as well.

     “I know that from a work standpoint that if I made five beats all five might or might not be great, but two of them will, but you can’t think about that, you just have to think about making yourself better for the next day,” Lee said.

     Their concert on Saturday Oct.8, in Homewood has evoked strong emotions through the group. Alumni Janelle Butler a.k.a Olive Blu was ecstatic for the concert, ready to show off her new music style that she has developed within herself.

     “I’ve written so much music and found my style and I can put my experience in my music now there’s so many things that go into it that people don’t know and it’s made me grow as a person,” Blu said.

     Although they have received negative comments about Freesole, often the worst reviews come from themselves. The pressure they put on themselves is an act no one can understand but the group alone.

     “When you realize your potential that’s like the most sincere form of motivation you can find anywhere. Hearing my own music I learn a lot based off what I can do can be improved. As an artist I’m always thinking about what can be improved,” Leo said.

     According to Leo, they haven’t hit their best yet. They look forward to the future and are ready for the music industry to see Freesole as the group Leo sees they can be.

     “The world is huge. So many different possibilities and with Freesole so many of us are so talented and it’s really uncanny to find people this young who can do these things with music,” Leo said. “There’s so much music out there to go listen to and learn from and it’s constantly what  we’re doing just learning about the universe.”