Horror Done Right


Camm Pollmacher, Feature Writer

The new season of American Horror Story began Sept. 14. This seasons theme is My Roanoke Nightmare.

My Roanoke Nightmare is based on the true story of a British Colony in 1585 in North Carolina that mysteriously vanished from the island they were living on.

The plot begins with a married couple that moves from Los Angeles, California to a huge farmhouse in North Carolina. The couple is harassed by the Roanoke colony and it’s past victims, which run the couple to insanity.

The directors of American Horror Story decided to make a rather interesting change in this season. They use film adaptation, which is where a person tells a story and the directors try and recreate it in the film. I personally didn’t like this change when I first started watching the show, but as I kept watching, it grew on me because I also like to watch shows with film adaption.

The main characters are Shelby Miller (played by Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe), Matt Miller (played by Cuba Gooding Jr. and André Holland), Lee (played by Angela Bassett and Adina Porter), and The Butcher (played by Kathy Bates).

Most of these actors and actresses have been in previous seasons and fit the parts well. Sarah Paulson, my favorite actress this season, has a lot of experience and knows how to make scenes look believable.
I also feel that the directors are making the series more violent and gory every season because blood and violence is what makes American Horror Story unique.

Kathy Bates, also known as The Butcher or Tomasyn White, plays a tremendous role in this season. She is very professional, keeping an old English-American accent during her scenes. I give her many kudos because I can imagine it must be difficult to keep a foreign accent while you’re pretending to murder someone.

I recommend My Roanoke Nightmare to anyone who loves to feel a chill down their spine.