Things We Make Up

Ranging from the new wave of contour, going back to show make up, the trend is here stay. Whether a person chooses to go the highlight and array of lipstick,, or the bare face and natural beauty route, there are many misconceptions on both ends of the make brush.

The process of applying makeup is a skill just like anything else. Attempt the cat eye with perfectly blended foundation and tell me how it goes. It’s not as easy as it seems.

“I have to wake up about an hour earlier in order to start my makeup routine. I have really dry skin, so making sure I wash my face thoroughly and put on primer is important, senior Faith name said. “Then I go into using my powders,  highlight, and mascara. Depending on how in depth I want to go with my make up, the time frame can range.” senior Faith Griffin said.

Waking up almost an hour earlier can be time consuming, but when it is seen as an art to the person, the time is well spent. For gym teacher Aubrey Dondlinger, her ten minute routine is something that is done as a quick change for everyday looks.

“I just think makeup is an easy way to express yourself and you can change your looks pretty easily,” Dondlinger said. On the weekends I like doing anything from a cat eye to smokey eye just to change things up.”With the swipe of an eyebrow pencil, a person can change their look in only minutes. For those that choose to steer clear of the products, there are other ways they feel they can express their creativity.

“I don’t wear makeup because I really don’t have a reason to, I feel like I’m naturally beautiful. I just see wearing makeup everyday messing up your skin and I think I have pretty nice skin. I don’t need anything messing that up,” senior Taylor Wilson said.

Similar to Wilson’s idea, there is an article on titled “I Didn’t Wear Makeup for a Week and My Skin Has Never Looked Better.” They were speaking on their  experience as someone who wore makeup fairly often, to taking a break and using different moisturizers to pay special attention to her skin care.

“ I went a week without makeup and I can’t lie; it saved me a lot of time in the morning and after the initial bareface shock I started to get use to the look,” senior Kayla Jackson said.

However, with anything, as long as you follow proper procedure, makeup won’t be terribly detrimental to someone’s skin.

“ I just like to snatch these girls in school. I don’t wear it for boys or because I don’t feel pretty without it. As long as you know your skin and properly do your makeup, there should be  no complaints,” Faith Griffin said.

Like Dondlinger, makeup can be seen as more than a hobby. She was considering going into cosmetology in high school and even now is thinking on picking up the study for a side job. For people that choose not to wear makeup, they can still appreciate the craft.

“ For dances and things of that sort, I love for people to do my make up for the night. Even when I see girls that have their makeup done at school, I applaud them putting in the effort. All of that just isn’t my everyday vibe,” Senior Kenadi Davis said.