Pride in being Single

Jaira Stanley, Feature Writer

It’s around the time for that Secret Holiday that haunts you at the dinner table on Thanksgiving when you’re nosey aunt asks who you are dating; unlike half of your friends the answer is no one.

Being single may seem like a curse that cupid has cast upon you because of that classmate you friendzoned badly about a year ago.

But being single isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Know that it may seem as though everywhere you turn you see someone holding hands and kissing in the halls with their bae. Just so you know I feel you, we sympathize the pain together.

But when you go to sleep, you don’t have to send A five paragraph one inch margin goodmorning texts that will be skimmed over because it is too early to read all of that.

You don’t have to worry about being the side piece in the player’s manual. And if you have friends who are in relationships and it feels as though you will be alone forever.

Know that at some point your time will come. I guarantee you there is someone out there for you to date, when we were young we were disgusted by our opposite gender. We made up tales of infectious cooties and as we got older Romance Novels came out to our section in the library and the movies that we thought were once cliche and stupid become heart breaking and relatable.

As a single you have so many perks: drinking your own milkshake instead of sharing, saving so much more money because of the Holidays and having a four for four without sharing it. You may not be able to have someone to kiss on New Years.

However, you can go out with your friends and not have to worry about what he/she will think of it. You can try new things venture out further and become more familiar with yourself. As a single you can watch Netflix with a bowl of ice cream and twizzlers and be content with life.

The aggravating moments when you know they saw the text but yet they left you on read and instead of texting you back like a normal civilized human would, they’re posting on Twitter.

As a single you don’t need to have to wait three hours for your girlfriend because she just has to have her eyebrows perfect for a night to the movie theater that you just don’t understand because you are in a dimly lit room.

You don’t have to be extremely annoyed at your boyfriend who you sent a long text to; who ignores the entire message but that one sentence that he wants to make the complete topic of the conversation.

Other tasks you can do while single include going to mcdonald’s and buying one kids meal, Posting your own selfies and having you and only you knowing your passcode.

Eat your own donut have your own frosty and just be happy that no one is constantly wanting to know where you are, you already have parents on your back why worry about a relationship. Cuffing season may be an impending doom on your heart just know that everyone has a love story you are just in the preface part of yours.