Smitten by Smith

    You often see her zooming through the halls in flared jeans and a ponytail, with an H-F jacket, stopping to go to a class for a few minutes just to run back out and do another chore on her page-and-a-half to do list. Gail Smith the Activities Director and Assistant Athletic Director has a job that very few can accomplish.


     “I’m always struck by how fast she talked and how fast she walks and the fact that she was always here. She’s putting out fires all the time for everybody she’s like lighting in the hallway, she goes so fast,” Secretary Christy Schmidt said.


      Smith’s job is never ending with the occasional day off on Sundays. Often times, you will see her car in the parking lot when you get out of school, and it doesn’t truly leave its spot until around 11 p.m.


      “It depends on the day, like a few weeks ago, I picked up donuts at 6 a.m. and didn’t leave until 11 p.m. It depends on what the week looks like, but generally, it is about 15 hours a day, six days a week, and you may have to do stuff on Sunday,” Smith said.


     Superintendent Dr. Mansfield praises her for her hard work and diligence. She is very organized with everything in a binder or a file cabinet.


     “I think she is probably one of the most organized, efficient individuals I know,  I view her as a very caring person who is very focused on making sure people have what they need when they need it on time,” Mansfield said.


    She isn’t just organized and professional, making sure that  everyone has the things they need to be successful. She has a heart that spreads to every student and faculty member within the school.


    “I’ll hear people in there [Smith’s Office] and they are just cracking up in there. She knows how to lighten the mood”


    Many have never seen “Smith with her bubbling personality” but it’s there very often and has a positivity everyone sees and adores.


    “She has such a kind heart, and when she does have to say no to students, that’s really hard for her. She is very perceptive about adults and kids. Sue has always gotten people really quick; she can read a situation and read what someone needs in the situation,” Schmidt said.


    So the next time you see Mrs.Smith zooming through the halls, think of the amazing person she is and what she does for H-F while attempting to have a regular life along with it.