Stranger Things Review- Too Strange?


Camm Pollmacher, Feature Writer

The new Netflix original “Stranger Thing” is an adventurous journey with five kids and an unsatisfied alien, a sheriff, and a deprived mother.

The eight-episode-long show is definitely one to remember with the setting in an old Indiana town in 1983.

The plot begins with a young boy that disappears, and his mother and friends frantically try to find him. I personally think the plot of the series wasn’t the most creative, but the 80’s atmosphere and the realistic acting made up for any mistakes.

The captivating mother really gave me the feels as she wouldn’t give up searching for her son. She planned a full investigation that I know my mom would have planned as well, if I had gone missing.

I’m surprised at how professional the younger actors were during the making of the show. They never had a scene where they didn’t have the correct tone of voice or facial expression.

Although the acting is great, every episode needs recognition for being straight to the point. Like most shows the action is mostly at the beginning and end. ‘Stranger Things” keeps the action rolling throughout the episode.

The direction of the show was also spectacular, you could easily follow along. The setting changes quite often, so the director makes sure to give the audience information on where the next scene will take place.

I’m intrigued by the directors’ choice in the design of the alien: Tall, long arms, no face, and a flower-like-mouth. A truly terrifying surprise.

Perhaps the best part of this show was the friendship the children had. Even as they began to grow apart, they found forgiveness, a great value for a person to have.

I would recommend this show to people who were born in the late 70’s and 80’s as that was when the horror industry started to blossom.