Grand Dough-pening


Jaira Stanley, Feature Writer

  What do you do on a cold January morning just 10 days after you made that New Year’s resolution to eat healthier?

  You get more junk food, of course.

   Krispy Kreme proudly opened Jan.10. Suburbanites everywhere crowded around the building at three in the morning, looking for the delectable taste of glazed donuts.

  Senior Eric Hagerman, a participant of the top 100 customers who received a free dozen donuts every month for a year, was well aware of how big of a deal this was and strived to be in the first to get a sugary treat.

  “I got to Krispy Kreme at like four in the morning. It was right before it opened up. For the most part when I got there, the line was short, but when they started opening up, people started to come,” Hagerman said.

  Krispy Kreme hasn’t made an appearance in Illinois since 2012 after its final closing in Midlothian.

  The grand opening did not only include free donuts, but also a performance from the H-F marching band.

  Freshman Kaitlyn Linde was eager to be back with her band family once again at such a celebratory time.

  “We had to be there at 6:30 a.m. It was fun and exciting to be with the entire band again. We hadn’t seen each other since November,” Linde said.

  With lines lasting up to three hours, some customers had questions about the staffing in the restaurant and their efficiency.

  “Since it is new, the lines ranged from 30 minutes to two hours long, which means they may be a bit understaffed,” sophomore Grace Ongman said.

   While others were inside the tent with a heater and the strong scent of glazed fried dough tantalizing their nostrils, senior Sarah Esparza spent her night in line waiting in near freezing weather.

  “I waited about an hour and 45 minutes, and I’d say a third of the time I was outside; it was really cold out, too. I ended up buying a dozen donuts and only ate one,” Esparza said.

  Despite cold weather and slow lines, Krispy Kreme still holds that one important feeling: nostalgia and the intimate bond of tradition.

  Sophomore Laila Malik  is looking forward to having a donut to herself soon.

  “My mom told me that the first and only time she had Krispy Kreme, she was with her best friend. She remembers the doughnuts melting in her mouth because they were fresh and good,” Malik said. “I haven’t had a donut for so long now. I’m excited to see why they are so good. After a day of work, some nice, gooey donuts will be heaven.”