How to deal with that annoying

Jaira Stanley, Feature Writer

  It is that meddling staff member in your department who wants to know everything about your personal life, who keeps putting your lunch in the refrigerator when you have told them numerous times that it belongs in the cabinet. It’s the kid who sits at your lunch table screaming and ‘pretending’ like they aren’t eating your fries.

  Yup, we all have one: an annoying friend. If you can’t think of one ,then sadly, you are the one.

  Now, how do you deal with them? I know it may feel good to sneak diss to your bestie about them, but at the end of the day, the problem remains unsolved.

  You all are ‘buddies’, and if you don’t want that, then you should tell them up front.

  Even though they may be super annoying, we have to remember that they are people too.

  Plus, like the code says, “You got something to say, then  say it to my face.”

  Be firm yet calm with them; most people tend to listen to those who don’t scream in their face with Friday nachos in their teeth.

  Tell them that you don’t like their behavior and that it makes you uncomfortable.

  If they don’t improve, then treat them the way that they treat you.

  It may seem like the opposite of what your mom has taught you, but showing people a taste of their own medicine really does have a positive impact.

  They get to feel that annoyance, and although that one antagonizing friend may say that they don’t get annoyed, I am confident if you were to slap them in the face with their medicine, they would be annoyed too.

  If they decide not to respect your wishes and attempt to change or sympathize with their behavior, then they are not the one to hang around with.

  If you keep being with someone who makes you insane, you are going to end up in two places: the mental institution or the Cook County Penitentiary.

  So just walk away.

  If you have a really stupid friend who constantly asks really dumb questions in class or just lacks every single form of common sense, you are out of luck because I don’t know how to help with that.

  So, next time Deborah from Forensics asks you about you and your ‘bae’ for the millionth time, ask them about theirs.

  When Mark reaches for a slice of your pizza, tell him to buy his own.

  Learn the meanings of yes and no, and teach them too.

  If you don’t, you are nothing more than someone they can irritate endlessly without saying anything about it.

  Susan needs to learn her place.

  When you set boundaries and act upon them, most people follow it.

  Dealing with someone like this takes patience and maturity. But always be gracious and calm with anything because you never know. One day, Susan will pay for your lunch, and  Deborah may just be the advocate for your pitch story next week.

  Just remember it doesn’t cost anything to not be a jerk. So even the worst of you have a chance.