Love is Ageless


Sophomores Shallon Malfeo and Joe Incardella have been dating for one year and nine months. They have kept a strong connection since freshman year and don’t plan to end it any time soon.

“Love is putting forth effort for the other person,” Incardella said.

Malfeo and Incardella believe that love is based on these three factors: communication, effort and time management. These factors are key for their strong, long-lasting relationship with one another.

“In a relationship, you have to have communication in order to work things out,” Malfeo said.

Relationships can be hard to maintain, but Malfeo and Incardella believe that anyone has a chance to find their special one.

“[A relationship] is not easy an easy thing to have, but it’ll come to you,” Malfeo said.

When Malfeo and Incardella go through relationship struggles, the main connection that keeps them together is their care for each other.

“You have to care for a person and genuinely make it known you care about the person and want them in your life,” Malfeo said.

Care comes from spending quality time with each other. Malfeo and Incardella enjoy their dates together, like going to Chicago and music festivals.

“We went to PIQNIQ and saw a bunch of cool bands. It was super fun, and we had a really good time,” Incardella said.

Relationships usually have a balance between fun and serious talk. Malfeo and Incardella think that talking is the better skill to have.

“In a relationship, you need to talk to work through things, and being able to do that is a strong skill that you need to have to maintain [a relationship],” Malfeo said.
XOXO, Camm Pollmacher