Meet the artist: Christian Mayo


Lucy Sloan, Copy editor

What is your experience in the arts?
I’m involved in choir and band right now. I play string bass in band, and I’m a tenor in choir. I went to All-State for choir, and I was actually one of the top eight singers there. I got to sing the National Anthem for the IHSA State basketball playoffs [on] March 11. It was really cool; I got to perform for class 1A and 2A.

Will you continue your music in college?
I was [in orchestra] freshman and sophomore year, but I quit. But I will be doing orchestra in college; I’m actually minoring in cello. I’m majoring in theatre. I’m going to Millikin University in Decatur, IL. I got the highest talent-based scholarship for orchestra.

How did you start playing music?
In my family, it was a rule to start taking lessons on an instrument at age four. My brother chose piano, and I chose cello randomly.

Are you grateful for that push?
Yeah, definitely. Because it’s classical training, you’re learning the basics of music. I’ve been using it forever, and it helps me a lot with the music I’m doing right now.