Meet the artist: Aislinn DeButch


What do you do in the arts?
I act in movies and television and commercials. I don’t really do plays that much, but I would, if I got the opportunity; they just take a lot of time.

How did you get started?
I started out when I was around seven. My mom took me to one of those [auditions] and I auditioned for this L.A agent and he referred me to my agent now in Chicago. I’ve been with them since I was seven, but since I’m going to college in California, I’m going to move on to a California agent.

How often are you involved?
It’s basically on and off. I would say it’s a pretty big chunk of my high school career, but moderate. I’m getting my major in television production because I do like being behind the scenes as well, but mainly, I’m focusing on professionally acting.

What are your favorite productions you’ve acted in?
Chicago med was probably the biggest thing I‘ve ever been in. It was a big deal because I was top of guest star, so the whole episode revolved around my character. I actually did a movie when I was 10, and it was called Trust, and it was with [director] David Schwimmer, [actors] Clive Owen and Viola Davis.