Freejay’s Fortune


Lauryn Newton, Feature Writer

Ingredients to create a young, new-age rapper: being in the choir, playing instruments in orchestra and writing poetry. This was the start of the music career of Freejay.

H-F Alumnus and Columbia College freshman Jayson Doss, also known as “Freejay” from the group Freesole, started off his music career because he wasn’t hearing new music from his favorite artists, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“I really started rapping because at the time when I was young it was like none of the artists that I liked were making music,” Doss said. “So I just said ‘I’ll make my own music to listen to.’”
During his freshman year of high school, Freejay released his first single called “Blue”.

¨Of course it was terrible but I don’t hate it. It’s just the first song I made and I’m glad I´ve improved since then,¨ Doss said.

Former Industry of Music teacher Matthew Holdren describes Freejay as both a hard-worker and a unique soul.

¨Ever since he was a freshman, he really knew what he wanted to do with his life,” Holdren said.

Throughout his high school career, Doss worked on bettering himself and his music ,and has done an impeccable job doing so.

He dropped his first and second tape, met his Freesole family, has been working with them ever since, and was granted opportunities that he will forever be grateful for.

Freesole is a group of rappers, mainly from the Homewood-Flossmoor area, collectively creating music and hosting events that really show how they prize each other as family. At concerts they’re always t-ing each other up, hyping their peers up and just having a good time.

Freejay’s music can be described as a mix between R&B and hip hop. Specifically, his music is a mixture between Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Chance the Rapper.

¨My music style is definitely unique between the rhythm of the beats and the cadence of my flows,” Doss said. ¨I feel like what I do is special and something out of the ordinary.”

Senior Zacari Stafford, a fan and a good friend of Doss, says Freejay is passionate about his music and as an artist, he will make it far. She’s known Doss since her freshman year, has been to numerous Freesole concerts and talks to him a lot about his rapping career.

¨Hearing him talk about his craft and seeing the excitement that comes across his face amazes me because he believes in his work so much,” Stafford said.

When on stage performing, not only does Freejay interact with his audience but he also equates with them. He doesn’t just go up on stage and rap — he makes the experience memorable for everyone and not just himself.

¨He´s a great performer,¨ Stafford said. ¨He brings so much energy and the audience feeds off of that energy.¨

You can follow him on his Soundcloud (@freexjay) for new and upcoming singles and tapes from him.