The World Behind a Black Mirror

The World Behind a Black Mirror

Imagine being stuck in a world of your worst fears, with every decision you make, it has an effect over you.  With every episode of the show,Black Mirror gives the audience another aspect to this world and what is happening.

This Netflix Original brings a unique touch to the different series. With every episode has a different topic and cast. At times, you honestly don’t know what is going on and might have to watch the episode over again, but it’s so worth it.

In the past season, the show really tried focusing on technology and how it affects everyone. The views on other people in this show are so powerful and lifts up a different expectation then you would usually see in a show.

When I first started watching, I was so confused on what was happening. The show builds up such a good suspense it has your jaw dropping. The show is just so different in my opinion and how much thought that is made in this show is amazing.

Hopefully the new season that comes out on Dec. 29 will live up to the fans expectations. I honestly don’t know what to expect with the new season of Black Mirror, but I know I will be beyond blown when the show comes out on Netflix.

I would recommend this show to anyone, it really makes you think about your decisions and how you look at life. Honestly, I feel like this show helps people understand the real problems of society that they often don’t see.

With every minute of watching this show puts you into another person’s life and see someone other than yourself.