A Town of Secrets

Chloe Kapica, Feature Writer

Everyone assumes that an innocent town such as Riverdale would not be home to a murderer.

The CW’s Riverdale is a complex murder story about the son of a wealthy family mysteriously dying while rowing across a river with his twin sister.

This confusing story that is based on the Archie Comics characters and has multiple twists and turns that will leave you completely baffled and very frustrated. Throughout the season, new clues on the case are discovered and citizens of Riverdale realize that their clean-handed town is not so clean.

If you are the type of person that does not mind the occasional blood and gore, then Riverdale is the perfect whodunit show for you. Each episode invites more drama and obstacles for the main characters to climb over.

This may all sound frustrating, but as soon as you watch the first episode, you are sucked into the darkness that is Riverdale.

Riverdale is available to watch on both the CW and Netflix.