Creativity Runs Through Her


Photo by Chloe Kapica

Artistic endeavors Junior Rebecca May (left and right) sketches out faces on a scrap piece of notebook paper. The next edition of EDDA comes out towards the end of April.

Speeding back and forth from building to building with both her art folder and soccer bag, she is juggling both her school work and extracurricular activities.

Junior Rebecca May resides in the depths of G-building, working away with the many other art students who dedicate their time and effort into their schoolwork that will end up being artwork.

Walking into an unknown world, she challenged herself and took AP Art History. Now, in Fundamentals of Art, where she creates everything from paintings to charcoal drawings.

“This year is my first year doing any sort of art class. Right now, I’m the only junior in my Fundamental of Art class. I took Art History freshman year… it helped with my GPA and everything, but it didn’t involve actually making things,” May said.

Currently creating profiles, she sketches the eyes of nameless people.

When she is not creating new pieces of art for students to glance at in the halls, May also participates in one of H-F’s many overlooked clubs, EDDA, where students can submit writing, artwork, and photographs.

She is an editor and works alongside junior Madison Lyseng, who edits the editor’s notes.

May chooses which pieces of writing go into the magazine while Lyseng makes the edits.

“I learned about EDDA when I took the Creative Writing class during sophomore year. It was taught by Ms. Mustafah, EDDA’s sponsor. We did a lot of activities using past editions of EDDA, and we submitted a lot of writing on the upcoming edition,” May said.

This is Lyseng’s first year on the EDDA staff and she enjoys every minute of it.

“I got involved with EDDA through my friend Becca who quite literally just pulled me into the room on the first day and told me to stay,” Lyseng said.

May has been drawing ever since she was a kid and captures her bright ideas from real-world events.

From experiences that happened to herself all the way to the people around her, May has been using these as examples and metaphors in the stories that she writes for EDDA.

“For example, the last story I’ve written had a gun regulation theme. It sounded stiff, but I think that feeling so strongly about the issue made it a better story. Sometimes I just think of a funny joke, and I want it to live for longer than one telling, so I write a story about it. That’s kind of an inspiration, too,” May said.

This imaginative student draws her inspiration from the online artwork community, Deviantart.

“I’m always competing with the coolest drawing I see on there,” May said.

Even though May enjoys writing and drawing, she hopes to pursue a career that will help her succeed in life.

“I’m going to major in law. Although writing is fun and I’m not bad at it, I’m not going to be the one who goes ‘Oh yeah, my-non-mainstream-skills-have-got-me-set-for-life. School isn’t that important.’ I want to write, but I want to make money,” May said.

When she is not drawing or focusing on her schoolwork, she is running across the soccer field, doing drills and practicing to become a better player.

In other words, May’s creativity will help influence and guide her in her future endeavors.