Calling all Graduates!

The Voyager contacted three alumnus who graduated early and asked them what their future plans are.

As we watch the seniors walk across the stage this year, there will be some empty seats, seeing as though these seniors have already graduated.

H-F graduates Brielle Scullark, Kennedy Leathers, and Phyllis Washington have their futures’ set in stone and cannot wait to see what college has in store for them.

“For college, I’m just really ready to start a new chapter in my life. A fresh start. These past months, being out of school, have taught me a lot about myself and other people…I’m really just ready to go to college and shine and be the best I can be,” Scullark said.

Scullark is going to the University of Missouri and is excited to be on her own and meet new people in her new surroundings.

“I’m very independent so for me graduating was a great decision…You need to know how to manage your time and do things. Not just sit around all day,” Scullark said.

30 students graduated in December which is a major jump from 2016’s 17 early grads.

Scullark has been working at a home day-care taking care of children and babies to help save up and pay for college.

“I teach something called Junior Achievement where I teach grade schoolers about how to save and spend money wisely,” Scullark said.

Leathers is also excited about the new opportunities college will bring on the west coast.

When Leathers graduated, she went to Ecuador and studied Spanish. She has many favorite memories from her time in Ecuador.

“(Probably) Climbing up this very steep hill with my friend Carlos,” Leathers said.
Leathers also longs to get far away from home and is moving out to California in the fall. She will be going to college at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

“(I’m excited to) live in California and make a life for myself there,” Leathers said.

While Leathers and Scullark are working to save up for college, Washington is ahead of the game, preparing for college, while going to college. Washington goes to online school at Prairie State college, taking Economics, Humanities, and History of Psychology.

“I like it a lot, but it’s only good if you have good time management skills,” Washington said.

Nonetheless,Washington still misses the friendships and extracurriculars at H-F.

“I will miss the football games and the excitement that came with it,” Washington said.

Unlike Scullark and Leathers, Washington will be staying home while they go dance the night away at prom.

“I won’t be attending prom just because I’m weird and it’s never been exciting to me like everyone else,” Washington said.

While the seniors conclude their final semester, these three girls are ready for what the real world has in store for them.