Not So Insatiable


Constantly feeling the pressure of others glares is something this girl feels on a day-today basis.

The new Netflix show Insatiable that came out in August has been making everyone argue over whether its a hit or miss.

The show puts everything into a life lesson, trying to grasp a perspective for everyone to enjoy but doesn’t exactly get the message across appropriately.  

This show really blew me by surprise, I never knew what was going to happen next. What I really disliked about this show was that they made the whole story trying to say that you won’t make it unless you are skinny and pretty.

Besides that, I really liked how the characters transition in the show, and how they tried going over a lot of issues that really need to be talked about. But that still doesn’t mean that everyone should watch this show, honestly watch at your own risk.  

Debby Ryan, who plays Patty, got into an accident when she was at her lowest point, by eating through all of her problems. The accident happened because a homeless guy was making fun of her weight and they ended up fighting, with her recovery she lost a bunch of weight as a result.

Her whole life she thought she was fat and that everyone hated her for it, but now after the whole incident she felt that this was her time to shine.  That she could get away with anything because now her looks meant something to her.

They made the whole Patty losing weight a huge problem and that if she ever got “bigger” again she wouldn’t be the same person. The whole story’s plot at this point is very unusual for a revenge comedy, leaving myself very confused.

The audience of this show is very different, you would think it would be a teenage tv series, but they literally talk about parents love life and it goes way too far. I’m still confused on what this show is for?

In the end of the show it changed the view entirely making it have a different perspective than the beginning of the show. My overall opinion on this show was if you want a chick flick go for it, but if that’s not your style, don’t waste your time.