A Week Without

Junk Food


Ever since I could remember, I’ve loved junk food. Chips, cookies, cake, candy bars. You name it, I eat it. Recently, I’ve been really thinking about ways that I could improve my diet and cut some of the unhealthy foods that are near and dear to my heart, out of my diet.

So to do this, I… wait for it… I decided to to go a week without junk food. Sigh.

I almost cried having to think about not eating chips, cookies or any junk at all this week. They’re my go-to snacks at lunch when the wrap line is too long. So, I decided to pack my lunch everyday this week. On the brightside, your girl is going to be saving some coins!

The first day was pretty easy, although, I was really craving chips at lunch. I miss the savory taste and crunch of chips. It may get harder throughout the week, but I think I will survive.

Alexa, play Survivor by Destiny’s Child.

Instead of crunching on chips, I ate my favorite fruit green grapes. I can say they were sweeter than chips. This fulfilled my desire for sweet, sugary junk like cookies and candy.

The next few days were interesting, going so long without junk food. Some of the things I ate over the week were, trail mix, granola bars, and apples.

At lunch I did have an appetite for chips but I pressed on. It seemed like everyone I was around had some sort of appealing, unhealthy food.

I forgot about snack Wednesday’s in Journalism. My heart ached as I watched my classmates eat my favorite cookies and Cheez-Its, but I made it through, thankfully.

I can say that by the end, I felt better about my choice to not eat junk food this week. I felt more energized not adding the extra, empty calories. I may even continue my challenge until I feel like giving it up.

If you are a junk foodaholic like I am, I encourage you to try a week without junk food too. It’s a real challenge but it is sure worth it!