Bohemian Rhapsody blows audiences away


From the foot-stomping crowds to an alcohol-induced haze, this movie portrays the life of a singer-songwriter stuck between two worlds: one of mischief and one of mayhem.

Bohemian Rhapsody focuses on the life of Freddie Mercury and how he disregarded the opinions of others while also concentrating on the relationship of the band, Queen.

Rami Malek stars as Freddie Mercury, portraying the singer in two lights: one that is loved by audiences all throughout the world and one that is struggling to love himself.

The movie covers everything about Mercury, ranging from his home life to his life on stage. However, viewers get a glimpse behind the curtain at what his personality was really like.

Bohemian Rhapsody explores Freddie’s sexuality and how it impacted his relationship with his wife and the rest of the members of Queen.
However, pulling Freddie from his tidal wave of fame is his personal manager, Paul Prenter. Prenter is not only his manager, but is portrayed as the abusive boyfriend.

Throughout the movie, Malek gives an incredible performance. He is wild on stage, jumping to the beat of Roger Taylor’s drums.While off stage, he is a sweet and caring husband, doing everything he can to support his wife.

This is all relevant in today’s society because we are listening to what people have to say. Today’s society is more open and accepting to what people have to say, no matter who they are or what they identify as.

If Bohemian Rhapsody had come out in the 90’s, right when Mercury had died of AIDs, it wouldn’t have been as successful as it is now. Citizens began turning their backs to people with AIDs because they were afraid of how they were attracting it.

Although, there are still some citizens today who struggle to accept the fact that there are people in this world that are different. Bohemian Rhapsody helps shine light on this recurring problem.

Despite the fact, Bohemian Rhapsody touches on the band’s relationship which is funny, at times, like when they are in the recording studio, goofing around and making new songs. But, they start to break off when Paul gets in between Freddie and the rest of the band.

Pretner sweeps Freddie away from everything he knows and loves, leaving him reluctantly listening to his every word.

I love the unique camera angles in the movie. The cast is constantly moving across the stage, the camera is following their every move. These exceptional film techniques help the audience be apart of the movie. It is as if the viewers themselves are actually there.

Of course, let’s not forget the music. The music in the movie is extraordinary.
The audience gets to see how Queen created their most popular songs and view the miniscule fights they had during the process.

The viewers get to witness the amazing performances as well. From Queen’s very first performance as “Smile” to their biggest performance at Live Aid in England, Bohemian Rhapsody covers it all.

Despite the amazing special effects and jaw-dropping performances, Bohemian Rhapsody still has its faults. We see the film from Freddie’s point of view, which is great, however, it would be nice to see what the other band member’s lives were like before they actually became Queen.It would be interesting to see what they thought it was like to be apart of Queen.

Of course, if they made a movie like that, it would be three hours long. Kind of like how the actual “Bohemian Rhapsody” the song is six minutes long.

Despite this, I definitely recommend this star dazzling film. It will take your breath away and leave you in shock as soon as the credits hit.

Overall, Bohemian Rhapsody was an amazing film that covered important issues n a beautiful way.