Nobody’s Fool


One day, you have everything going for you and then you get an unexpected call that will change your life.

Danica, who thinks she has a perfect life, gets a call from her mother asking her to pick up her unhinged sister, Tanya, who’s been serving 5 years in jail.

Filmmaker Tyler Perry gives an incredible representation of a romantic comedy film, but with a surprising meaning, showing the audience a movie they didn’t expect what was going on until the end of the movie.

When Tanya starts settling in, she started to notice that something was fishy with Danica’s online boyfriend, who she has never met before. Tanya calls the TV show known as “Catfish” to see what this guy is really about and if he is who he says he is. Making Danica embarrassed about the situation, she pulls away from everyone who cares about her.

The movie shows an unexpected plot line with some comedy mixed into it, confusing the audience on which sister they are actually basing the movie off of.

I feel the plot line meant well, but the preview made it seem like it was based on Tanya, but it was mostly about the by-the-book sister Danica who I think made the movie dry and not what the audience was expecting.

I recommend this movie to people who like romantic comedies and love Tiffany Haddish because she was the main reason why I even liked this movie. She stopped the movie from being a flop with her hilarious acting and her crazy personality.