On My Block Review


Karina Duncan, Feature Writer

Trials and tribulations are on with the On my Block gang again.
On My Block follows a group of teenagers, who try to navigate their time throughout high school while also trying to figure out multiple stressful situations.
Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Caesar are a group that defends each other.
While living in a predominantly Hispanic and black neighborhood, the group of friends find out Caesar gets caught up with his brothers gang: The Santos.
The group tries to do anything to get him out.
Meanwhile, Jamal starts fantasizing over a secret Rollerworld money, hidden in the neighborhood.
With the gang trying to save Ceasar, Ruby’s family friend, Olivia ,shows up after her parents were deported, leaving her with nowhere to go.
The last episode of the first season is set at Olivia’s quinceanera, while everyone is having a good time.
Then the guy who Caesar was supposed to shoot, got away, and ended up shooting Olivia and Ruby.
Leaving the audience in shock, with them getting shot and Jamal finding the rollerworld money.
The new season answers all the questions you’ve been waiting for, and makes you more emotional than ever before.
The show makes you feel like you’re apart of the family.
The new season has better writing than the first, making the jokes and hard hitting scenes feel more real with the chemistry of the cast, showing that it’s okay to laugh and cry in these depressing times.
Throughout On my Block, important issues that need to be talked about are tackled in a teenage drama. The drama and comedy is what really makes the show so irresistible to stop watching.
Every episode makes you feel on edge of your seat waiting to know what happens next.
What makes the story so unalike other shows is the diversity of the cast, breaking barriers in the industry.
With an all non-white cast, On My Block is the representations people of color deserve.
I would recommend this show to people who are interested in a good comedy.
It’s a great binge worthy show to watch with only half hour long episodes.
Given the scandal with actress Ronni Hawk (Olivia), the show was able to bounce back and made a true come back for season two. The only thing I have to say about the show is, If you’re not watching it, start.
You’re missing out on a great show.