Why you should watch: Game Of Thrones


Karina Duncan, Assistant Feature Writer

Based on George R.R. Martin’s book series, Game of Thrones is brought to the screen, “A Song of Ice and Fire”, having HBO take over for the medieval fantasy aspect it needed. It shows two powerful families endlessly fighting for the control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.
It has eight seasons with every episode over an hour long, making it a great binge-watching show that allows you to really get to know the characters.
Every episode, shocks fans to the core of what they thought this show was. You will like one character, but the development of the story might change your opinion of them in a matter of episodes.
What’s great about this show is the characters breaking barriers that we don’t usually see in media. It doesn’t matter where you come from, but what you make of yourself in this series.
This season shows how this whole journey will end, making it very hard for the fans to watch.
The show gives a suspenseful and jaw dropping moments almost every episode, while binge watching this show, going through a mixture of emotions.
Last season, the show released an album with artists like, A$AP Rocky, SZA, Travis Scott and many more. The songs on the album fit well together with the show.
Now, why should you a watch show that came out eight years ago? The writing of this show is like no other I’ve ever seen before. With the beautiful scenery they shoot the show on to the amazing cast and crew making the books come to life on the screen, it’s like the viewer is actually in Westeros.
Also, wouldn’t you want to watch the show that has been on many people’s minds? This show is a real masterpiece portrayed on the screen that will live on for generations.
I recommend this show to people who enjoy fantasy type shows with a unique storyline unlike no other. In all honesty, I don’t even usually enjoy shows like this, but it’s truly an iconic storyline that needs to be heard by the world. Give this show a try!