Bliss in the moment

Bliss in the moment

Karina Duncan, Feature Co-Editor

Through the midst of sobriety Rue just doesn’t know where to turn. Euphoria is about Rue who is played by Zendaya, who is a drug addict and isn’t going to give it up anytime soon while the show also covers the classmates to get a sense of their futures.  

The whole show is a mixture of characters and every episode is based off of one of the main characters and what they are dealing with at the time. Which would sound hard for a TV show to keep together but I feel like it was written perfectly with the story line. Making all of the characters so unique and having there own story being hidden from the rest of the world. 

The show is visually gorgeous, every scene is a sense of an art form.I was in a tone of bliss when I heard the music that was produced on this show, the amount of time that it took for them just on the music can definitely be shown. 

Zendaya keeps this show afloat, her acting is spot on with how drug addicts can act through withdraw, with someone with bipolar disorder.  She handles the character beautifully and I couldn’t see anyone pulling off this other than her. Movies and shows have a hard time showing the real truth on addiction, either romanticizing it or making it something that it’s not. Addiction is horrifying but it is something that many people around the world are dealing with everyday without any help. 

The show covers so many topics within the teenage community that we don’t realize is going on until we see it forward. Everything fits perfectly with what’s going on within the story and what the characters are going through. 

The producers of the show really put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this and it shows big time. With every episode gives you a different feel and for me it made me feel such a mix of emotions through the start and finish of the episode. The whole show really shows teenagers that everyone makes mistakes, but that’s part of being a teenager. 

Even though I feel like the cast is too old to be playing high school characters they pull it off well with how they act and give a different feel of how high school is. Making the fans fall in love with the characters can be very hard for shows to pull off but for this show it wasn’t hard at all. I recommend this show to people that need a new binge worthy show, who enjoy teenager shows that is just talking about problems of teenage years but can actually pull it off. Enjoy this show, and make sure to see the bigger picture of story line.