Who killed Bryce Walker?

Karina Duncan, Feature Co-Editor

 That is what fans of the show are trying to figure out, but most of us really just want to know why there is even another season. The show 13 Reasons Why is about the lives of  teenagers living with the loss of Hannah Baker. She made 13 tapes about why she killed herself and how she got into this situation. 

 They bring us into a new character Ani who lived with Bryce before he died and the show makes her the narrator. Which was a huge mistake because of how she is annoying to the point at times I wanted to stop watching just entirely because of her.

  The last two seasons of the show were pretty rough, with a romanticizing suicide scene, to multiple sexual assault scenes that have gone way to far. The shows main thing is to show what happens to teenagers in high school, but the way they portray it, is way off to what actually happens. I give them credit for putting so many issues in, but it doesn’t pull off well when multiple things are going on that you can’t even process what’s going on. 

I have a problem with the whole show, with having the actors way older than actual teenagers, to the script being written terribly, and how much they romanticize things that shouldn’t be romanticized. They also try to make the assault the victim, which is pretty hard with how they showed how horrible they have treated people.  

With mainly making this season about Bryce and how his actions have affected the people around him, but we all can’t forget what he did to innocent people. The whole writing is just way off with how they try making everything a problem besides what actually is a huge problem.

This show is supposed to be watched by teenagers, but what they show can be very triggering for many people. I definitely get that they want people to see what can really be going on, but they legit did a whole sexual assault scene in for around five minutes making even myself have nightmares because of how graphic it is.

The only thing I enjoyed about the show was the character development of the shows main characters, giving at least something to enjoy throughout the show.  

The producers obviously don’t get how sexual assault works, and how many people have been put in horrible situations that they couldn’t get out of. But making scenes very long and showing what is actually happening, to teenagers that are watching the show is honestly so disgusting. 

 I don’t recommend this show to anyone, with how bad the writing is and how romanticizing  they try to make everything. With that being said, if you choose to watch this show makes sure that you are in the right state of mind because there is barley any warnings in the first two seasons so you rarely know when to be ready for what’s about to be shown.